Best Fitness apps to build strength and lose weight

Fitness apps for Android

Stay fit and healthy with the best fitness apps for Android. Looking to get fit and strong? Check out our picks for the best fitness apps for Android! These apps can help you with popular exercises, diets, and calorie and nutrition tracking. Plus, they can motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Android Fitness is constantly scanning for the most popular and useful fitness apps. Everyday trends are researched and applications are tested. Our team of editors selects only the best health and fitness apps.

Workout apps

Gym and home workout routines

Exercises apps

Example exercises to improve muscular strength and physical endurance

Sport Specific Apps

Become a real athlete in your favorite sport.

Flexibility Apps

Apps that help you become more flexibile and mobile.

Rehab Apps

Recover from sports injury with physical therapies

Weight Loss apps

Apps to help you gain or lose weight

Fitness Tracking Apps

Track your body and progress