Calories apps for Android

35 best Android apps for Calories that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Count what you eat and how it will be good or bad for you.

What is the best Calories app? Trusted developers like Fsj Games,, FatSecret are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include Step Master, MyNetDiary, Calorie Counter by FatSecret. This list of calories apps was last updated at October 16, 2022

These 35 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Calories app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

Step Master icon

Step Master

Step Master will track your daily steps and burned calories to keep you healthy.


MyNetDiary icon


MyNetDiary, Diet tracker for weight loss - with a food journal, calorie tracker, and macros


Calorie Counter by FatSecret icon

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Diet and Weight Loss Tracker with Meal Planning and Food Nutrition Calculator


Running & Jogging icon

Running & Jogging

GPS Run tracker app for tracking your running and jogging activities.


MyFitnessPal - Calorie Counter icon

MyFitnessPal - Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter, Track food and reach weight loss goals. Like a nutrition coach in your pocket.


BetterMe - Health Coaching icon

BetterMe - Health Coaching

Health Coaching, Diet, Workout, Calorie, Fasting Tracker


Running for Weight Loss Walking Jogging my FITAPP icon

Running for Weight Loss Walking Jogging my FITAPP

Walk Tracker: Jog & Walking Map Walk & Lose Weight - Jogging & Hiking


Cronometer - Calorie Counter icon

Cronometer - Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter, Track your calories, diet & macros for any health goal, or weight loss plan.


Stay on Track - Fitness & Weight Loss icon

Stay on Track - Fitness & Weight Loss

Fitness & Weight Loss, Lose weight with personal fitness plans! Exercises, fasting, calories & macros


Fooducate icon


Fooducate, Calorie Counter for a Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Better, Lose Weight & Get Healthy


Calories Counter Diet Tracker ... icon

Calories Counter Diet Tracker ...

Eat Clean Diet Track, Calorie macro counter, lose weight, weight gain


BunkerFit - Burn Calories icon

BunkerFit - Burn Calories

Burn Calories, Not Cash. Fitness content in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.


The Secret of Weight icon

The Secret of Weight

Calories! But what's the point? The Secret of Weight explains everything!


Burn Calories & Weight Loss icon

Burn Calories & Weight Loss

Be fit! Track your exercises and training. Check HR zones, BMI, WHR, BMR, VO2MAX


StepsApp Pedometer - Step Counter icon

StepsApp Pedometer - Step Counter

Step Counter, Daily step tracker, pedometer app. Set goals, count steps & burn calories.


Pedometer - Step Counter & Fit icon

Pedometer - Step Counter & Fit

Step Counter & Fit, Count your daily steps and burn calories. Set goals & lose weight | Caller info


Healthy 365 - Monitor physical activity icon

Healthy 365 - Monitor physical activity

Monitor physical activity, track calories, eat well and find exercise locations.


Pacer - Step & Calories Counter icon

Pacer - Step & Calories Counter

Step & Calories Counter, lose weight by tracking steps & burn calories while walking with step counter


Step  Counter icon

Step Counter

Pedometer, Step Counter daily, easy pedometer tracker to count steps and calories.


CalTracker icon


สมุดบันทึกแคลอรี่, CalTracker - tool for tracking daily calories intake and outtake


ActivityTracker - Automatic step counter icon

ActivityTracker - Automatic step counter

Automatic step counter, calories, and distance tracker (free).


Steps counter, Calorie Tracker... icon

Steps counter, Calorie Tracker...

Steps counter, calories counter, drink water, weight tracker, fitness activity.


NHS Food Scanner - Find out how much sugar icon

NHS Food Scanner - Find out how much sugar

Find out how much sugar, sat fat, salt and calories are really inside your food.


GPS Sports Tracker App - Running & Cycling GPS icon

GPS Sports Tracker App - Running & Cycling GPS

Running & Cycling GPS, Record routes. Track distance, steps, calories burned during fitness activity


Dietary Calorie Counter icon

Dietary Calorie Counter

Fast and easy way to track daily calories and help you stick to a healthy diet.


MyFitness BMI Calculator IIFYM... icon

MyFitness BMI Calculator IIFYM...

All in one carb counter, macros, nutrition tracker and macro calculator


Home Walking & Exercise - Walking Tracker Step icon

Home Walking & Exercise - Walking Tracker Step

Walking Tracker Step, Weight Lose Walk Counter. Track Mile, Pedometer, GPS Map, Challenges, Calories


Losing weight. Diary of calories icon

Losing weight. Diary of calories

The best app for losing weight! More than 3 million downloads!


GPS Pedometer icon

GPS Pedometer

Count steps and burn calories with Pedometer, Step Counter & Calorie counter app


My Macros+ | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker icon

My Macros+ | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker

The complete diet tracking solution offering diet, weight and macro tracking


WalkFit - Walking App icon

WalkFit - Walking App

Walking App, Walking distance tracker & step counter. Walk to lose weight and burn calories


Maipo Pedometer - Step Counter Maipo icon

Maipo Pedometer - Step Counter Maipo

Step Counter Maipo, Pedometer that is easy to see and simple to use with automatic start & counting


Jump Rope Workout - Stamina Workout icon

Jump Rope Workout - Stamina Workout

Stamina Workout, Crossrope workout plan to boost your stamina to the top.


Walking - Pedometer diet icon

Walking - Pedometer diet

Pedometer diet, Pedometer counts your steps, time, distance, calories while walking or running


Calories in food icon

Calories in food

The app shows the energy content of more than 8700 food items.