Food apps for Android

35 best Android apps for Food that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Track and get information about the food your are eating with these apps. Eat healthy and have the power to achieve great results.

What is the best Food app? Trusted developers like YuuWoods, Pixster Studio, Habitics are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include 10 Food-groups Checker, Keto Manager, Nutrilio - Food Tracker & Water. This list of food apps was last updated at September 9, 2022

These 35 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Food app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

10 Food-groups Checker icon

10 Food-groups Checker

This is a simple everyday nutrition check, nutrition management app!


Keto Manager icon

Keto Manager

Keto Diet app with Low carb & Keto diet Macro tracker, Recipes and Watch Weight


Nutrilio - Food Tracker & Water icon

Nutrilio - Food Tracker & Water

Food Tracker & Water, Healthy Eating, Nutrition Diary, Diet Journal, Lose Weight & Calorie Counter


Diety - A calorie counter icon

Diety - A calorie counter

A calorie counter, diet plan, meal planner, food diary, weight loss app for all


Calorie Counter by FatSecret icon

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Diet and Weight Loss Tracker with Meal Planning and Food Nutrition Calculator


Calorie Counter, Carb Manager & Keto by Freshbit icon

Calorie Counter, Carb Manager & Keto by Freshbit

Carb & Keto Manager - lose weight with diet, intermittent fasting, and workouts

FREE icon

Gyms, fitness, home online workouts, weight loss, yoga, meditation and therapy


iEatBetter icon


Food Diary, The easiest way to track your food.


FitCoach - Fitness Coach & Diet icon

FitCoach - Fitness Coach & Diet

Fitness Coach & Diet, At-home workouts for weight loss, fitness challenge, meal planner & food guide


Open Food Facts - Food scanner icon

Open Food Facts - Food scanner

Food scanner, Scan food and to get ingredients, additives and nutrition facts


WW (formerly Weight Watchers) icon

WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Health and Weight Loss Program


Fastest calorie calculator icon

Fastest calorie calculator

Fitlap - fastest and most convenient food calorie calculator you've ever seen.


Healthie - Log photos of your food icon

Healthie - Log photos of your food

Log photos of your food, body, and record workouts, metrics, and more.


Dietary Fiber Food Sources help heart skin weight icon

Dietary Fiber Food Sources help heart skin weight

Dietary Fiber Food guide for weight loss diabetes heart disease & beautiful skin


Eat Smart Kiwi icon

Eat Smart Kiwi

Food Diary and Symptom Tracker, Record how you feel and what you eat each day. We find the pattern between them


Calory icon


Simple Calorie Counter & Macro Tracker, The quickest way to count calories and track your food intake goals.


Carbon - Smart Diet Coach icon

Carbon - Smart Diet Coach

Smart Diet Coach, Nutrition Coach & Food Tracker


District First - Apply for food icon

District First - Apply for food

Apply for food, cash, and medical benefits on the go!


Calorie Counter + - Nutracheck food diary icon

Calorie Counter + - Nutracheck food diary

Nutracheck food diary, macro & calorie deficit tracker with barcode scanning


Wizzyu icon


Food, Physical activity, Rest, Emotional well-being, and much more!


MealTimer - Food and water reminder icon

MealTimer - Food and water reminder

Food and water reminder, Daily proper nutrition schedule in only 2 clicks.


Ultimate Food Value Diary icon

Ultimate Food Value Diary

Easy Weight Loss For Diet Watchers, Stop weighting around and other diet watchers on losing weight & feeling great.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Yoga-Firm Erection icon

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Yoga-Firm Erection

Firm Erection. Increase Erection & Last Longer In Bed By Sex Health Yoga Fitness


Welnes icon


Challenges with Customized Diet & Workout, Join challenges with new people, do daily activities & post images of your food.


Oreegano icon


Diet, Recipes, Calorie Counter, Healthy, The first app for food passionate and fitness lovers. Together!


NoFoodPain icon


Food intolerance allergy & sensitivity, A simple Food Diary App about Food intolerance allergy and sensitivity.


PocketCoach icon


Food control and nutrition coaching in your hand


Shibboleth Food Journal icon

Shibboleth Food Journal

Shibboleth it's a secret.


8700 Food Search & kJ Calculator icon

8700 Food Search & kJ Calculator

Choose healthier options by checking the kJ in common fast food and snacks


AtFit - Calorie calculator icon

AtFit - Calorie calculator

Calorie calculator, Calculate the amount of calories contained in the food you eat


DOOgether icon


Affordable Workouts & Healthy Food, Book workout classes, enjoy free workout videos and get healthy food.


SpotHealth icon


The Fun Way To Health & Happiness, Find health and happiness with free communities, fun events and more!


Wavelength - Power Over Food icon

Wavelength - Power Over Food

Power Over Food, Science, Psychology, & Eating


MoodBites Diary icon

MoodBites Diary

MoodBites, Allergy, Symptom Tracker & Food Journal for FODMAP diet, IBS, IBD


Oxalate Food Counts (Kidney Stones) icon

Oxalate Food Counts (Kidney Stones)

Oxalate food lists & prevention tips for calcium oxalate kidney stone formers.