6 Gymnastics apps for Android (Fitness)

Gymnastics Apps for Enhancing Balance and Agility Skills

Gymnastics apps

Gymnastics Workout Benefits: Unlock Your Athletic Potential

Gymnastics, a form of exercise that challenges your strength, flexibility, and coordination, offers numerous benefits that goes beyond the mat. By engaging in gymnastics workouts, you can develop lean muscles, improve your core strength, and boost your cardiovascular endurance. The unique movements and exercises involved in gymnastics also improve your balance and agility, which can translate to better performance in other sports and physical activities. So, if you're looking to amp up your fitness routine, gymnastics may just be the perfect addition.

Girl Gymnastics Workout: Empowerment Through Fitness

  • Boost self-confidence.
  • Improve physical strength and flexibility.
  • Enhance coordination and balance.
  • Promote discipline and perseverance.

Gymnastics can be an empowering workout for girls of all ages. It not only boosts physical fitness but also helps in building self-confidence, discipline, and perseverance. The dynamic movements involved in a girl's gymnastics workout can contribute to improved strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. With these benefits, it's no wonder why more and more girls are incorporating gymnastics into their fitness routines.

A quick look at the top gymnastics apps

AndroidFitness's picks for the best gymnastics apps for Android

Following is our list of the best gymnastics apps for Android. Trusted developers like Sports Learning Tips and BrightCHAMPS are known to create software that in theory will improve training and exercises routines. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include Gymnastics Moves Guide Learn how to do Gymnastics Gymnastics Method . To explore even futher, check our selection of the best calisthenics Android apps.

1 Gymnastics Moves Guide

Learn How to Do Gymnastic Moves Explained in the Best Way Ever!

The Gymnastics Moves Guide app is a helpful tool for learning how to do basic gymnastics skills. It provides step-by-step guides to teach you the correct technique. The app emphasizes the importance of having a qualified coach and the right equipment to ensure safety. It also highlights the importance of flexibility in gymnastics and provides tips on warming up and stretching properly. The app includes videos demonstrating gymnastics moves on various equipment such as the floor, balance beam, pommel horse, parallel bars, and uneven bars. This app is perfect for beginners who want to learn gymnastics or as a refresher for those already taking gymnastics classes.

Gymnastics Moves Guide
Gymnastics Moves Guide
Sports Learning Tips
Price: Free
3.5 ★★★★☆
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2 Learn how to do Gymnastics

This app helps people to learn different tricks of Gymnastics at home itself.

The Learn how to do Gymnastics app is designed to help people learn gymnastics tricks from the comfort of their own homes. With the increase in virtual activities, this app aims to prevent health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Developed by Jannah Mohamed Fathy Abouserie, this app provides easy-to-follow tutorials for various gymnastics moves. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this app can be useful for improving your flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.

Learn how to do Gymnastics
Learn how to do Gymnastics
Price: Free
2.3 ★★★☆☆
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3 Gymnastics Method

Bodyweight Fitness & Training

The Gymnastics Method app is all about training like a gymnast. It helps you learn amazing techniques and become more confident and healthier. You don't need to start gymnastics at a young age to achieve the same shredded physique as gymnasts. With just 3 sessions a week, you can get in the best shape ever, strengthen your joints, and learn cool moves like the Muscle up, Handstand, Planche, and Gymnastics Rings skills. The app offers programs from joint preparation to muscle building methods, step-by-step tutorials, educational videos, daily workouts for all levels, a workout calendar, and the ability to save your favorite workouts. It also includes a nutrition guide, cooking videos, shopping lists, access to a private Facebook group, and podcasts of weekly Q&A sessions.

Gymnastics Method
Gymnastics Method
Gymnastics Method
Price: Free
3.1 ★★★★☆
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4 DIE RINGE Calisthenics Workout

Discover calisthenics with gymnastics rings & learn street workout skills.

DIE RINGE Calisthenics Workout is the #1 fitness app for gymnastic rings. It helps you build strength, agility, and healthy habits. Whether you're a beginner or expert, this app is your personal fitness coach. It provides a tailored training plan based on your goals, equipment, and training frequency. The app gradually increases the intensity to help you make real progress. It also identifies your weaknesses and adjusts your plan to improve them. You can train at home, in the park, or at the gym. The app allows you to learn various Calisthenics skills like Muscle Up and Front Lever. It offers both short and long-term success, with new exercises and workout plans regularly added.

DIE RINGE Calisthenics Workout
DIE RINGE Calisthenics Workout
Price: Free
4.6 ★★★★★
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5 Everyday home workouts

Effective home workouts plan for full body - exercises without any equipment

The Everyday home workout app is designed to help you get in shape and achieve your dream body in just 30 days. It offers 4 different home training programs with a variety of exercises for all muscle groups. The app provides detailed instructions and videos for each exercise to ensure you perform them correctly and effectively. You can customize your own workout programs from 46 different exercises, set their duration, and rest time. No equipment is required, just your phone. The app also includes a motivation system to track your progress and keep you motivated, a measurements system to track body changes, and a notification system to remind you of your workout plan. Suitable for all age groups and both men and women, this app is perfect for anyone looking to fit exercise into their busy schedule.

Everyday home workouts
Everyday home workouts
mEL Studio
Price: Free
4.3 ★★★★★
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6 VerticalJumpTraining

Vertical Jump Training Workout at home offline is a program to increase jump

The VerticalJumpTraining app is designed for athletes who want to increase their vertical leap. It offers 9 exercises that have been proven by top athletes to help you gain more inches in your jump. The app can be used offline, making it convenient to use at home or in the gym. The exercises include calisthenics and plyometrics, such as calf raises, deep squats, jump squats, and box jumps. All you need is a box or chair and a rope for some of the exercises. The app also allows you to set reminders for your daily exercises. Good luck!

1B Studio Ltd
Price: Free
4.0 ★★★★☆
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App Comparison

Here's a table of how our top 6 app picks compare:

Product Free to use ? Cost Main Features
Gymnastics Moves Guide Yes In App: Learn How to Do Gymnastic Moves Explained in the Best Way Ever!
Learn how to do Gymnastics Yes In App: This app helps people to learn different tricks of Gymnastics at home itself.
Gymnastics Method Yes In App: • Programs from joint preparation to the most effective muscle building methods with guided workout player
• Step-by-step tutorials with workouts
• Educational video series to learn about progressions and structures
• Daily workouts for all levels with guided workout player
DIE RINGE Calisthenics Workout Yes In App: $41.99 - $94.99 per item • months - 39,99€
• months - 69,99€
• months (7 days free trial) - 89,99€
Everyday home workouts Yes In App: $3.99 per item Effective home workouts plan for full body - exercises without any equipment
VerticalJumpTraining Yes In App: • daily exercises mixed Calisthenics and Plyometrics:
• Using Calisthenics
• =>Stretch daily
• =>Perform calf raises

Gymnastics Workout at Home: The Convenient Fitness Regimen

Gymnastics isn't only limited to the four corners of a gym. With the right tools and guidance, you can perform a gymnastics workout at home. This not only provides convenience but also allows you flexibility in managing your time. By incorporating gymnastics into your home fitness routine, you can enjoy a comprehensive workout that targets all muscle groups without the need for heavy equipment or large spaces.

Gymnastics Apps: Your Virtual Coach for Fitness Success

Gymnastics apps can be a powerful tool in your fitness journey. These apps, specifically designed to provide guidance for gymnastics routines, can serve as your virtual coach. They provide instructions, tips, and routines that you can follow, making it easier to practice gymnastics at home. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced gymnast aiming to perfect your skills, using gymnastics apps can enhance your workout and push you towards your fitness goals.

NOTE: Every app's APK file is manually reviewed by the AndroidFitness team before being posted to the site.

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