Mindfulness apps for Android

35 best Android apps for Mindfulness that are really helpful.

What is the best Mindfulness app? Trusted developers like Rstream Labs, MyBubble Ltd, Keep it Cleaner Pty Ltd are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include Mindfulness & Sleep Meditation, MyBubble: Mood Tracker Journal, Keep it Cleaner. This list of mindfulness apps was last updated at October 16, 2022

These 35 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Mindfulness app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

Mindfulness & Sleep Meditation icon

Mindfulness & Sleep Meditation

Guided meditation for sleep, anxiety, stress and relaxation with mindfulness app


MyBubble: Mood Tracker Journal icon

MyBubble: Mood Tracker Journal

Mood Tracker Journal, Your Mental Health Support Bubble. Access Mindfulness & Self Care guidance.


Keep it Cleaner icon

Keep it Cleaner

Movement, Meals & Mindfulness! Start Your Free Trial Today!


Wysa icon


Anxiety, therapy chatbot, Therapy chat for mental health, depression, stress check & anxiety relief


Mindfulness.com Meditation App icon

Mindfulness.com Meditation App

Guided Mindfulness & Sleep Meditations, Soothing Music & Sounds


Mindfulness 22 icon

Mindfulness 22

Guided mindfulness meditation and more.


Plum Village - Zen Guided Medit icon

Plum Village - Zen Guided Medit

Zen Guided Medit, Free mindfulness app meditation practices by Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh


Stress Control Norbu - Meditation Breathe Yoga icon

Stress Control Norbu - Meditation Breathe Yoga

Meditation Breathe Yoga, Mindfulness based antistress training. Relaxing games, breathe, sleep meditation


Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat icon

Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat

Impactful Meditat, Short authentic Indian guided meditations for mindfulness, sleep. Reduce stress.


Habio - Simple Habit Tracker icon

Habio - Simple Habit Tracker

Simple Habit Tracker, Create healthy habits. Find motivation for self-improvement with a goal tracker.


Atom - Meditation for Beginners icon

Atom - Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners, Develop a habit of meditation, mindfulness. Relieve anxiety, relax, sleep better


being: mindfulness, spirituali... icon

being: mindfulness, spirituali...

Your mental health friend, Go beyond meditation with a self-therapy app for anxiety relief & mental health.


Music for Meditation icon

Music for Meditation

Music for mindfulness meditation. Release yourself from stress and anxiety.


HelloMind icon


Hypnotherapy - Deeper than Meditation, Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness & Meditation: Breathe, Sleep, Relax & Heal Yourself


Pocketcoach - Reduce Anxiety icon

Pocketcoach - Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety, Self-help tool for anxiety, stress and panic. Based on CBT and mindfulness.


Rhythmic Breathing Trainer. Breathe meditation icon

Rhythmic Breathing Trainer. Breathe meditation

Mindfulness breathing for calm, relax and wellness living


Harmony - Hypnosis Meditation icon

Harmony - Hypnosis Meditation

Hypnosis Meditation, Be Calm & Confident With Meditation, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis


EnVision icon


Daily Visualization & Goal Achievement, Visualize & achieve your goals. Daily motivation, focus & positive mindset.


Headspace - Meditation & Sleep icon

Headspace - Meditation & Sleep

Meditation & Sleep, Meditation made simple. Stress less, relax, sleep better.


Meditopia icon


Sleep, Meditation, Breathing, Meditate, sleep, breathe and relax with the most personal mindfulness app


Welzen - Meditations to relax icon

Welzen - Meditations to relax

Meditations to relax, focus & sleep better, Meditation App with guided mindfulness meditation for stress reduction.


Whil - Wellbeing & mindfulness icon

Whil - Wellbeing & mindfulness

Wellbeing & mindfulness, Whil is the world’s leading digital mental wellbeing training solution.


Breath Hub icon

Breath Hub

The scientific way of being well. Anxiety, Stress, Mindfulness, Focus, Sleep


Mindfulness Coach - Audio exercises icon

Mindfulness Coach - Audio exercises

Audio exercises, a self-guided training program, & resources to support practice


Cosmic Kids icon

Cosmic Kids

Fun yoga & mindfulness videos for kids aged 3 to 9, presented by Jaime.


JoyScore icon


Self-Care & Mindfulness Tool for Joy, Use JoyScore to find motivation & joy with self-care & mindfulness routines


Happy Not Perfect - Meditation and Mindfulness icon

Happy Not Perfect - Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness, Meditate, Relax & Refresh


Charming App Mindfulness icon

Charming App Mindfulness

Put a miracle in your pocket with magic charms for mind and body, heart and soul


Mindfulness Bell icon

Mindfulness Bell

Mindfulness Bell: sound to remind us to return to our conscious breathing!


I’m Fine - Help for Anxiety icon

I’m Fine - Help for Anxiety

Help for Anxiety, Stress, Wellbeing, Professional help for anxiety, depression, stress and mindfulness.


FREE Guided Meditation icon

FREE Guided Meditation

Relax, Sleep & Mindfulness, Free guided meditation & sleep app for better sleep, mindfulness & relaxation


Guided Mental Health Journal icon

Guided Mental Health Journal

Iona Mind, Less stress & anxiety. Better mood. Made easy with CBT and mindfulness.


Mind Stories icon

Mind Stories

Mindfulness, Meditation & Buddhism from Theravada Buddhist Monks


Anda Burada icon

Anda Burada

Meditation, Sleep & Relaxing Music, Relax with mindfulness and breathing exercises, sleep stories and calming music


MindBell (Mindfulness Bell & Meditation Timer) icon

MindBell (Mindfulness Bell & Meditation Timer)

Mindfulness bell and meditation timer (ad-free and without network access)