6 Agility workout apps for Android (Fitness)

Agility Apps: Your Digital Gateway to Enhanced Athletic Performance

Agility apps

The Power of Agility in Modern Fitness

Agility is a fundamental aspect of fitness that impacts how well you can perform physical activities. It refers to the ability to move quickly and easily, changing the body's position efficiently. With agility, you can improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and enhance your overall well-being along with balance.

  • With agility apps, you're able to customize your workouts according to your needs and goals.
  • They offer a variety of agility drills to keep your workouts interesting and challenging.
  • These apps also provide progress tracking, helping you see your agility improvements over time.

Why Use Agility Apps in Your Fitness Routine?

Agility apps can be an excellent addition to any fitness routine. They make agility training more accessible and enjoyable, encouraging you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. By using agility apps, you're not just improving your agility but also boosting your overall fitness level. With their help, you can truly make the most out of every workout.

A quick look at the top agility apps

AndroidFitness's picks for the best agility workout apps for Android

Following is our list of the best agility apps for Android. Trusted developers like YMAA and Hicaltech 87 are known to create software that in theory will improve training and exercises routines. After extensive testing we've concluded that the best apps include Kung Fu Body (YMAA) SAQ Training Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro . To explore even futher, check our selection of the best balance Android apps.

1 Kung Fu Body (YMAA)

Kung fu techniques to quickly build your strength, flexibility and agility

The Kung Fu Body (YMAA) app for Android is an updated version for Android OS 11. It allows you to stream or download three hours of video lessons that will help you get a kung fu body, improve your health, and develop your skills. The app features detailed instruction by kung fu disciples of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and includes a total body workout, stretching, arms, torso, legs, and more. It also has bonus Outdoor & Partner Exercise chapters to keep you interested in a wide variety of training. This app provides the same content as the bestselling DVD at a much lower cost. It is useful for beginners or anyone interested in rebuilding their body, as it helps in building strength, flexibility, and agility. The training in this app focuses on body conditioning, which is the necessary first step in traditional kung fu training. It includes stretching, strength-training, tumbling drills, and outdoor training methods. Body conditioning is essential for all martial arts styles, including mma, and can also be used by anyone interested in improving their health and physique.

Kung Fu Body (YMAA)
Kung Fu Body (YMAA)
Price: Free
4.4 ★★★★★
Get The App

2 SAQ Training

SAQ Training is app that contain speed, agility, quickness drill

SAQ Training is an app that focuses on improving speed, agility, and quickness through a variety of drills. The app is divided into three menus: ABC drills for building a foundation of movement, ladder drills to enhance quickness in the feet, and cone drills to develop the ability to change direction. Users can easily navigate through the app by clicking on the available buttons and accessing detailed instructions for each exercise. This app is useful for individuals looking to enhance their athletic performance and agility skills.

SAQ Training
SAQ Training
Hicaltech 87
Price: Free
4.0 ★★★★☆
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3 Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro

Get fit at home with MMA Spartan System Bodyweight workouts!

The Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro app is a fitness app that helps you get fit without needing any equipment. It offers simple workout routines for beginners and athletes. The app has video instructions for each workout and there are two types of workouts available: timer and reps. The timer workout includes a timer that informs you when to start and finish each round, while the reps workout requires you to press Done to move on to the next exercise. The app includes 48 exercises that target different muscle groups. The aim of the app is to help you get in shape at home without the need for a gym. The workouts are designed to help you lose belly fat and build muscle. They focus on improving stability, stamina, agility, and coordination. The app is based on HIIT training, which improves cardio and speeds up fat loss. It also supports Chromecast, allowing you to watch exercise videos on your PC or TV screen. Overall, the app provides a workout plan and exercise training program to improve fitness, body health, and metabolism.

Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro
Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro
Diamond App Group LLC
Price: $3.99
4.8 ★★★★★
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4 Skillathletic

Free the athlete within

The Skillathletic app is a performance-driven group training app that aims to unleash your inner athlete. It offers four different classes designed to push your limits and improve your skills. The classes include Boost, which tests your stamina; Brave, a balanced workout for power and stamina; Fast, a speed training program; and Mighty, an explosive weightlifting training. The app allows you to book classes, track your results, and monitor your progress towards your fitness goals. It offers a seamless training experience, with workouts created by Technogym and the option to connect your heart rate band for accurate attendance tracking.

Technogym SpA
Price: Free
4.0 ★★★★☆
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5 BlazePod

Flash reflex training, for body & mind.

The BlazePod app is a training app that helps improve your speed, agility, and reaction times. It works with special Pods that create visual cues and prompts. You can choose from many activities or create your own. You can push yourself to improve or compete against others. The app connects easily to the Pods and you can track your progress in real-time.

Price: Free
3.1 ★★★★☆
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6 Y6

Calm Mind. Strong Vibe. Sweat Tribe.

The Y6 app for Android offers a variety of yoga classes for different goals like strength, agility, flexibility, and balance. With the app, you can easily discover, book, manage, and buy classes directly from your phone. The personalized home screen shows important information like upcoming classes and weekly goal progression. You can filter, favorite, and find the perfect class at your preferred studio, book a class in the app, and manage your membership. The app also helps you discover new workouts, instructors, and studios, and allows you to join a waitlist if your favorite class or instructor is fully booked. Additionally, you can take your favorite classes from anywhere with the YogaSix GO feature through video on demand. The app makes yoga accessible to all.

Xponential Fitness LLC
Price: Free
4.7 ★★★★★
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App Comparison

Here's a table of how our top 6 app picks compare:

Product Free to use ? Cost Main Features
Kung Fu Body (YMAA) Yes In App: $9.99 per item • Detailed instruction by kung fu disciples of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
• Stream or download, much smaller app size!
• Total body workout, stretching, arms, torso, legs, & more.
• Bonus Outdoor & Partner Exercise chapters.
SAQ Training Yes In App: • First time use this app, user must grant permission to write data in their smartphone storage to make this app work specially for 6.0 above android version.
• ABC (Athletic Base Coordination) Drills to build foundation of movement = Contain 10 basic drills
• Ladder Drills = contain 23 drills using ladder equipment to improve or develop quickness feet
• Cone Drills = contain 25 drills using cone to improve or develop the ability to change direction which mean is the essential thing about agility.
Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro No $3.99 • The timer workout contains a timer that will inform you when the round/rest starts and finishes.Also there is a sound that marks the end and start of the round/rest.
• The reps workout type work by pressing Done on the bottom of the exercise,and when you want to start the exercise to to press begin.
• Abdominals
• Shoulders
Skillathletic Yes In App: • CLASSES. INFINITE SKILLS.
• Check the workouts of the day created by Technogym and book your class in your Studio
• Cofirm your attendance connecting your heart rate band before the class starts.
• Check your results: every class has its score, your score will increase as you participate in more classes.
BlazePod Yes In App: $4.99 - $149.99 per item • Choose from an endless list of predefined activities on the BlazePod app or easily create your own
• Push yourself to the limits by working to improve your performances or compete against others
• Easily connect the BlazePod app to your Pods anytime, anywhere
• Monitor progress in real-time with advanced tracking abilities on the app
Y6 Yes In App: • Your personalized home screen surfaces the information most important to you
• View your upcoming classes
• See your weekly goal progression
• Filter, favorite and find the perfect class at your studio

Agility and Fitness: A Perfect Match

Agility is crucial in many fitness routines. It allows for swift transitions between different exercises and positions, resulting in a more efficient and effective workout. Whether you're into high-intensity interval training, circuit training, or even simple jogging, incorporating agility can dramatically improve your fitness level.

The Role of Agility Apps in Today's Fitness Landscape

Agility apps are modern tools designed to help fitness enthusiasts incorporate agility into their routines. They offer various agility drills, provide guided training sessions, and track agility improvements over time. These apps are particularly useful because they allow you to train agility at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

NOTE: Every app's APK file is manually reviewed by the AndroidFitness team before being posted to the site.

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