Breathing apps for Android

28 best Android apps for Breathing that are really helpful.

What is the best Breathing app? Trusted developers like Mindfulness App Dev, Kwevan Gouacide, Codly App Developer are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include Stress Control Norbu - Meditation Breathe Yoga, Breathing Relaxation Exercices, Oxygen & Lungs Breathing Exercises. This list of breathing apps was last updated at September 9, 2022

These 28 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Breathing app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

Stress Control Norbu - Meditation Breathe Yoga icon

Stress Control Norbu - Meditation Breathe Yoga

Meditation Breathe Yoga, Mindfulness based antistress training. Relaxing games, breathe, sleep meditation


Breathing Relaxation Exercices icon

Breathing Relaxation Exercices

A breathing app to help you to relax through breathing techniques.


Oxygen & Lungs Breathing Exercises icon

Oxygen & Lungs Breathing Exercises

Oxygen and Lungs capacity checking application.


Rhythmic Breathing Trainer. Breathe meditation icon

Rhythmic Breathing Trainer. Breathe meditation

Mindfulness breathing for calm, relax and wellness living


Nami - Heart Rate & Breathing icon

Nami - Heart Rate & Breathing

Heart Rate & Breathing, Monitore your heart rate and train your breathing


Advanced Buteyko icon

Advanced Buteyko

Start learning Buteyko Breathing today. With the Advanced Buteyko Institute.


Meditopia icon


Sleep, Meditation, Breathing, Meditate, sleep, breathe and relax with the most personal mindfulness app


Take A Moment icon

Take A Moment

Meditation, Breathing & more, Breathing exercises, meditations and other exercises to change your life.


Snore Tracker icon

Snore Tracker

Track your snoring with breathing pauses which are caused by sleep apnea


Breath Hub icon

Breath Hub

The scientific way of being well. Anxiety, Stress, Mindfulness, Focus, Sleep


Breathe Easy by ZEPHYRx LLC icon

Breathe Easy by ZEPHYRx LLC

ZEPHYRx video games for breathing -- it's amazing what a few breaths can do.


One Deep Breath icon

One Deep Breath

Breathing Exercises for Wellbeing, Decrease anxiety, increase energy and improve sleep with science-based breathing


Buddha Wisdom icon

Buddha Wisdom

Buddhism,Meditation,Breathing App, Buddhist guide for beginners, Quotes Dhammapada Pali Canon Tipitaka Meditations


Mindfulness Bell icon

Mindfulness Bell

Mindfulness Bell: sound to remind us to return to our conscious breathing!


MindBreath icon


Breathing exercises to harness the full power of your breath & HRV analysis.


Breathing counter icon

Breathing counter

Measure the number of breaths per minute using the microphone of your device


Anda Burada icon

Anda Burada

Meditation, Sleep & Relaxing Music, Relax with mindfulness and breathing exercises, sleep stories and calming music


YPV Sadhna - Hindi icon

YPV Sadhna - Hindi

An app to help learn and practice meditation, Forgivaness meditation, and breathing.


Daily Yoga & Meditation - YOGA365 - Simple yoga icon

Daily Yoga & Meditation - YOGA365 - Simple yoga

Simple yoga, breathing & meditation practices to practice daily.


Embryonic Breathing Qigong icon

Embryonic Breathing Qigong

Reopen your third eye with this streaming video by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.


BHB - Breathing exercises icon

BHB - Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises, Wim Hof, Apnea training, Pranayama. Breathing exercises. Freediving training. Apnea tables. Breath-holds.


Box Breathing icon

Box Breathing

Box breathing is a powerful technique to help you take control of your body.


MonBaby Smart Button icon

MonBaby Smart Button

MonBaby Smart Button Monitor attaches on any baby clothing to monitor breathing


Breathink icon


Breathing App for Stress&Anxiety Relief, Guided breathing exercises app to easily find relief for stress & anxiety


Breathe icon


Assisting you in controlling your breathing.


Prana Breath - Calm & Meditate icon

Prana Breath - Calm & Meditate

Calm & Meditate, Increase mindfulness, improve health, fight stress with breathing & meditation


HeartRate+ Coherence PRO icon

HeartRate+ Coherence PRO

Monitor your Heart Rate and your Cardiac Coherence with the Breathing Guide.


Pranayama icon


Yogic breath training for meditation, health improvement and stress reduction