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Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat

4.8 / of 50 reviews
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What is Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat?

The latest v5.0.37 was released Friday 9th of September 2022. Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat.apk is available for free download. Black Lotus Technologies Private Limited developed the Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat app to meet the health and fitness needs of active men and women.

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Is Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat good?

Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat is among the top performing meditat apps on Android Fitness, It fits people who need training and workouts routine for healthy living.

Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat has achieved average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on our website. Many users have left positive reviews and we welcome You to leave a review and share your opinion.

We strongly recommend Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat as good exercise app, which will lead you to positive results in meditat.

These are the main features of Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat

  • minute relaxation techniques
  • ️⃣ 50+ unique guided meditations across emotions - compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, inner peace, building focus, letting go, stress response, zazen, wall gazing, zen, etc.
  • ️⃣ Meditate with music
  • ️⃣ Silent meditation with timer and configurable presets (multiple bells, repeat, etc.)
  • ️⃣ 10+ proven guided breathworks (anulom-vilom, deep breathing, etc.)
  • ️⃣ 250+ Random Acts of Kindness
  • ️⃣ Unique mindfulness activities, journaling external and internal gratitude exercises
  • ️⃣ Daily 2-5 minutes of wisdom
  • ️⃣ Daily evaluation, points for each activity, and a Path to track your progress.
  • ️⃣ Write, comment, and read kindness stories of users.

Video reviews of Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat

Follow those simple instructions to enjoy Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat in it's full potential.

1. Black Lotus video tutorial

2. Black Lotus App Introduction

3. How To Create Presets in the Black Lotus App

4. Black Lotus app - Mahamudra Progression

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Follow those simple steps to download Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat APK file ?

Step 1: Tap the blue button below and choose your prefered method of downloading

Step 2: If Google Play is not available in your country or on your device, please use the direct APK file download

Step 3: When you've downloaded the Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat.apk file, use your favorite file manager app to navigate and open the APK file

Step 4: If you get installation warning after starting the saved file, click "Settings" and allow installations from this source !

Note that the APK file can run on every popular android emulator. A mirror link to the APK file is also available if you don't have the Google Play installed on your device.

Is Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat safe?

The software is tested and reviewed before going live here. It is safe to install, and we can confirm that it runs on all of the major Android platforms.

What apps are the best alternatives to Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat?

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What Black Lotus - Impactful Meditat require to run?

The APK file Require Android 5.0 to run. Make sure your android device meet the requirements.