Minutes apps for Android

26 best Android apps for Minutes that are really helpful.

What is the best Minutes app? Trusted developers like Zen Labs Fitness, Estelle Forbes, HanbitSoft Inc are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include 7 Minute Workout, Sweat Fitness, RunDay – 30 minutes running PT. This list of minutes apps was last updated at November 24, 2021

These 26 Android programs are recommended by our editors. You can download any Minutes app APK to your device and try it for yourself, even if Google Play has restrictions in your country.

7 Minute Workout icon

7 Minute Workout

HIIT Weight Loss Fat Burner, Burn fat and build muscle in just 7 Minutes! High Intensity Interval Training!


Sweat Fitness icon

Sweat Fitness

Never Give Up, Easily gain muscles in 10 minutes a day.


RunDay – 30 minutes running PT icon

RunDay – 30 minutes running PT

30 minutes running PT, Korean No.1 Running applicationNow experience the 100% Full-voice training!


Headspace icon


Meditation & Sleep, Meditation made simple. Stress less, relax, sleep better.


Seven icon


7 Minute Workout, Editor's Choice. Quick bodyweight HIIT workouts, just 7 minutes a day!


Nucleus Core Pro icon

Nucleus Core Pro

Get fit at home in just 12 minutes with the “revolutionary” Nucleus Core Pro!


Morning Exercises icon

Morning Exercises

Wake up! FREE, Wake up! Few minutes workout to get energy for whole day!


Family Fitnes-8 minutes unarmed fitness icon

Family Fitnes-8 minutes unarmed fitness

8 minutes to build a healthy and confident self


buddyboost icon


Healthier and happier together, 26 minutes at a time


Mind Ease icon

Mind Ease

Anxiety Relief, Feel calm in under 10 minutes | for anxiety, stress and worry


Mr. Stamina icon

Mr. Stamina

Endurance & Cardio Training program, Improve your Stamina just in 4 minutes in Day , without gym and simulators


Tai Chi Ball Qigong (Dr. Yang) icon

Tai Chi Ball Qigong (Dr. Yang)

30-minutes free! 3-hour Tai Chi Ball Qigong lessons with Master Yang, Jwing-Ming


Tai Chi for Beginners 24 Form (YMAA) Helen Liang icon

Tai Chi for Beginners 24 Form (YMAA) Helen Liang

Perfect Tai Chi for Beginners VIDEO 25-minutes free (YMAA). IAP $9.99 USD


7 minute abs workout icon

7 minute abs workout

Daily Ab Workout, Quick abs in 7 minutes workout - create perfect body with daily ab workouts


Suspension Workouts by Fitify icon

Suspension Workouts by Fitify

Workouts from 1 – 60 minutes, beginner – pro. Your trainer with 100+ exercises.


Namatata icon


Meditation and Sleep, Learn to meditate through meditation 10 minutes a day


Tabata HIIT. Interval Timer icon

Tabata HIIT. Interval Timer

Raise your metabolism and burn fat!It only takes 4 minutes.


Jump Rope Workout icon

Jump Rope Workout

Boxing, MMA, Weight Loss, Burn your calories in 15 minutes a day with personal jump rope workout plan!


Exercise Calorie Converter icon

Exercise Calorie Converter

Convert calories into minutes of exercise with the Exercise Calorie Converter.


FitMe icon


7 Minutes a day keeps the doctor away...


7 Minutes Fitness For Women icon

7 Minutes Fitness For Women

7 Minutes Fitness For Women - for different purposes made by professionals.


Fitness trainer PRO icon

Fitness trainer PRO

Coach workout lose weight health body Fitness sport 7 minutes exercises


Sworkit Kids icon

Sworkit Kids

Fitness Meets Fun, Exciting workouts for kids that can be done anywhere in as little as 5 minutes!


20 Minute Ab Workouts icon

20 Minute Ab Workouts

The ab workout you need - effective and under 20 minutes.


7 Minutes Workout Assistant icon

7 Minutes Workout Assistant

7 Minutes a chair and a wall is the only thing you need to get in shape again!


7 Minute Workout home icon

7 Minute Workout home

Get a workout in 7 minutes!