Healthy apps for Android

35 best Android apps for Healthy that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Android apps to help your stay healthy and be in good mood for fitness activities. Healthy habits, tips and insights.

What is the best Healthy app? Trusted developers like Fsj Games, GoodlifeMe AB, are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include Step Master, Sidekick Health, MyNetDiary. This list of healthy apps was last updated at October 16, 2022

These 35 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Healthy app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

Step Master icon

Step Master

Step Master will track your daily steps and burned calories to keep you healthy.


Sidekick Health icon

Sidekick Health

Chronic illness management: Motivating people towards a healthy lifestyle.


MyNetDiary icon


MyNetDiary, Diet tracker for weight loss - with a food journal, calorie tracker, and macros


SportCity - With the SportCity app icon

SportCity - With the SportCity app

With the SportCity app, your healthy lifestyle is within reach!


Health&u 헬스앤유 icon

Health&u 헬스앤유

Health & u With health nutrition, we make easy and comfortable healthy habit ~


RunTogether - Be Healthy icon

RunTogether - Be Healthy

Be Healthy, Run Together - an application that applied Game-Fi and Social-Fi aspects.

FREE icon

Achieve the ideal weight with personal diary, healthy recipes and your own weight program


Healthy Diet - A calorie counter icon

Healthy Diet - A calorie counter

A calorie counter, diet plan, meal planner, food diary, weight loss app for all


어떠케어 - 건강검진, 증상체크, 맞춤케어... icon

어떠케어 - 건강검진, 증상체크, 맞춤케어...

건강검진, 증상체크, 맞춤케어, When you are curious about your body, when you want to be healthy, go with HowCare!


Vika: zyskaj zdrowie icon

Vika: zyskaj zdrowie

Zyskaj zdrowie, Test yourself, get your goal and be healthy!


Haylou Fun icon

Haylou Fun

Haylou Fun works with multi-smart devices to manage your healthy life.


WW (formerly Weight Watchers) icon

WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Health and Weight Loss Program


SPOBY -あなたの運動にスポンサーがつく-... icon

SPOBY -あなたの運動にスポンサーがつく-...

An app that allows companies to support your healthy life just by going out with your smartphone. Get benefits from sponsors through daily running, jogging, and walking!


Cheerly: Daily Self-Care Game icon

Cheerly: Daily Self-Care Game

Daily Self-Care Game, Daily motivation and tips to live a healthy life - improve your focus and mood


Healthy Living & Lifestyle - Healthy Habits icon

Healthy Living & Lifestyle - Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits, Daily tracker for weight loss & improved health


GymNadz - Women's Fitness App icon

GymNadz - Women's Fitness App

Women's Fitness App, Join our women’s fitness community, workout and eat healthy.


Ommetje lopen icon

Ommetje lopen

Taking a detour every day is important to keep the brain healthy.


Wispence icon


Wispence — the preeminent platform for creating a healthy and conscious life.


active365 icon


active365 – The app that rewards you for healthy living.


Lifesum - Healthy Eating & Diet icon

Lifesum - Healthy Eating & Diet

Healthy Eating & Diet, More than a calorie counter: meal plans, intermittent fasting, habit tracker


Fooducate icon


Fooducate, Calorie Counter for a Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Better, Lose Weight & Get Healthy


Droobi Health icon

Droobi Health

Your Path to Healthy Living


Weight Gain - 30 days Diet plan icon

Weight Gain - 30 days Diet plan

30 days Diet plan, Gain weight with healthy diet plans & workouts men & women at home no equipment


Unimeal - Healthy Diet&Workouts icon

Unimeal - Healthy Diet&Workouts

Healthy Diet&Workouts, Lose Weight with Personalised Meals Plan, Calorie Counter and fitness exercises


Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan... icon

Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan...

Calorie Counter, Weight Loss for Men & Women. Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Home Workouts


REBEL icon


Fitness, Food, Wellness, Workout and lose weight, Cook healthy, Meditate, Yoga, HIIT, Fitness, Trainers




Building a Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time ®.


MyRealFood - Healthy Eating icon

MyRealFood - Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating, Scan products, discover healthy recipes and improve your lifestyle


DoFasting - Fasting Tracker icon

DoFasting - Fasting Tracker

Fasting Tracker, A wellness app for mastering intermittent fasting and achieving weight loss


BMI Calculator - Ideal Weight icon

BMI Calculator - Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight, BMI Calculator is a fitness tool to measure Body Mass Index for healthy life.


Drink Water Reminder - Water Reminder icon

Drink Water Reminder - Water Reminder

Water Reminder, 70% of you is water. We will remind you not to lose yourself


FaceYoga - Face Yoga Exercise icon

FaceYoga - Face Yoga Exercise

Face Yoga Exercise, Keep your skin healthy with facial yoga! Start your face fitness today!


Exercises at home to lose weight and tone woman icon

Exercises at home to lose weight and tone woman

Exercises to lose weight at home without special equipment, healthy life.


Weight Loss Recipes icon

Weight Loss Recipes

Reduce your weight and stay healthy always!


Hydro Coach - Water Tracker icon

Hydro Coach - Water Tracker

Water Tracker, Hydration app with water tracker and reminder. Drink water, stay healthy.