Daily apps for Android

35 best Android apps for Daily that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Apps with daily fitness tips, routines, motivation challenges and meal plans. Best daily fitness quotes for inspiration and motivation.

What is the best Daily app? Trusted developers like Arbor Ltd, Wako Development, AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include Kegel Exercises for Women, Pedometer - Step counter, Daily Fitness. This list of daily apps was last updated at September 9, 2022

These 35 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Daily app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

Kegel Exercises for Women icon

Kegel Exercises for Women

Most effective daily Kegel exercises for women, easy to follow.


Pedometer - Step counter icon

Pedometer - Step counter

Step counter, Pedometer helps you to reach your fitness goals


Daily Fitness icon

Daily Fitness

Yoga Poses, Yoga Poses with nearby Fitness Studio and up to date Yoga News in a single app


FaceYoga - Face Yoga Exercise icon

FaceYoga - Face Yoga Exercise

Face Yoga Exercise, Keep your skin healthy with facial yoga! Start your face fitness today!


StepsApp Pedometer - Step Counter icon

StepsApp Pedometer - Step Counter

Step Counter, Daily step tracker, pedometer app. Set goals, count steps & burn calories.


Yoga for Weight Loss-Yoga Daily Workout icon

Yoga for Weight Loss-Yoga Daily Workout

30 day yoga exercises to lose weight,daily yoga beginner workout app training


Pedometer - Step Counter & Fit icon

Pedometer - Step Counter & Fit

Step Counter & Fit, Count your daily steps and burn calories. Set goals & lose weight | Caller info


Female Fitness-Health Workout icon

Female Fitness-Health Workout

Develop a daily fitness habit




Mobility+recovery, Daily mobility and stretching exercises to boost your athletic performance


HitFit Pro icon

HitFit Pro

Your perfect daily health and sport partner


The Little Yogi icon

The Little Yogi

Daily quotes and personalised greeting cards, birthday calender


Workout at Home, Daily Health icon

Workout at Home, Daily Health

20 mins of full body workout for 30 days workout plan & no equipment


Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home icon

Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home

daily easy yoga asanas exercises, yoga go at home,lessons,videos for weight loss


Daily Motivational Quotes App icon

Daily Motivational Quotes App

s leading Daily Motivational Quotes App",


Step  Counter icon

Step Counter

Pedometer, Step Counter daily, easy pedometer tracker to count steps and calories.


Pilates Exercises-Pilates at H... icon

Pilates Exercises-Pilates at H...

Free pilates workout, daily core strengthening exercises at home


Water Reminder - Daily Tracker icon

Water Reminder - Daily Tracker

Daily Tracker, Drink Reminder & Tracking App


CalTracker icon


สมุดบันทึกแคลอรี่, CalTracker - tool for tracking daily calories intake and outtake


Fabulous icon


Plan the perfect routine with daily life coaching to live your healthiest life


Steps counter, Calorie Tracker... icon

Steps counter, Calorie Tracker...

Steps counter, calories counter, drink water, weight tracker, fitness activity.


Weight Loss Tricks and Hacks icon

Weight Loss Tricks and Hacks

Daily tricks and tips to help you lose weight and live a healthier life


7 minute abs workout icon

7 minute abs workout

Daily Ab, Quick abs in 7 minutes workout - create perfect body with daily ab workouts


Step Master icon

Step Master

Step Master will track your daily steps and burned calories to keep you healthy.


LG Health icon

LG Health

You can see your daily exercise info with tips and challenges.


Facetory - Face Yoga & Exercise icon

Facetory - Face Yoga & Exercise

Face Yoga & Exercise, Daily skin care routine & face workout! Remove double chin & wrinkles!


Dietary Calorie Counter icon

Dietary Calorie Counter

Fast and easy way to track daily calories and help you stick to a healthy diet.


Hatha yoga for beginners-Daily... icon

Hatha yoga for beginners-Daily...

Beginners Hatha yoga poses, asanas with videos: daily stretches and home workout


NoiseFit Assist icon

NoiseFit Assist

NoiseFit Assist is your daily fitness companion App with your Noise smartwatch.


ThinkUp - Daily Affirmations icon

ThinkUp - Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations, Daily motivation and affirmations. Positive self talk reminders.


Step Counter icon

Step Counter

Pedometer, Daily step counter, Free Pedometer & Easy ????Calorie Counter help Lose Weight


Quarantine Gym, 7 Minute HIIT Home Workout Trainer icon

Quarantine Gym, 7 Minute HIIT Home Workout Trainer

New daily HIIT workouts! Workout at home. No equipment or gym. Lose weight fast.


Daily Yoga icon

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga, The Ultimate Yoga App: Video Classes, Articles, Challenges, Workshops and More!


Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen icon

Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen

Keep track of the foods that Dr. Greger recommends in his book How Not to Die


Fast&Up icon


Fast&Up Delivers Intelligent Daily Nutrition for an Active You.


Yoga for Weight Loss Free - Yoga workout icon

Yoga for Weight Loss Free - Yoga workout

Yoga workout, yoga app for weight loss helps burn fat, get in shape, pain relief