Buddy apps for Android

18 best Android apps for Buddy that are really helpful.

What is the best Buddy app? Trusted developers like Be Calm & Co., Gbuddy, mEL Studio are known to create software that will improve your wellbeing and health with exercises and workout plans. Some of the most popular applications include Fitness Buddy - Workout Plan, G Buddy Smart Life GSW3/4/5, Glucose tracker & Diabetic diary. Your blood sugar. This list of buddy apps was last updated at September 9, 2022

These 18 Android applications are recommended by our editors. You can download any Buddy app APK to your device and try it for yourself.

Fitness Buddy - Workout Plan icon

Fitness Buddy - Workout Plan

Workout Plan, Fitness Buddy: Workout Plan and you will see great results


G Buddy Smart Life GSW3/4/5 icon

G Buddy Smart Life GSW3/4/5

Get to a healthier and more active SMART life with the new G Buddy !


Glucose tracker & Diabetic diary. Your blood sugar icon

Glucose tracker & Diabetic diary. Your blood sugar

Blood sugar tracker will be a glucose buddy for a diabetic - Insulin calculator


Diet Buddy icon

Diet Buddy

Simplest and most effective healthy eating & weight loss app to get fit.


Yeah Buddy App icon

Yeah Buddy App

Ronnie Coleman fitness centre


Workout Buddy App icon

Workout Buddy App

A new version of Workout Buddies is available. Find buddies in your area today!


Tell A Buddy icon

Tell A Buddy

Online Counseling & Life Management, Need someone to talk to online? Get professional online therapy & counseling.


FeelJoy - Mental Well-Being for Anxiety icon

FeelJoy - Mental Well-Being for Anxiety

Mental Well-Being for Anxiety, FeelJoy - Inspiring You to Lead - Connect with *The Buddy* your all time support


PlayCity - Active friendships icon

PlayCity - Active friendships

Active friendships, Find an exercise buddy near you, sports facilities & local sporting events.


nBuddy - Nutritionist Buddy icon

nBuddy - Nutritionist Buddy

Nutritionist Buddy, nBuddy - Your Trusted Health Companion


YPV Spiritual Buddy icon

YPV Spiritual Buddy

App for managing feedback from Spiritual buddies from Yoga Prana Vidya system.


Tirumeni - Workout buddy in home & gym icon

Tirumeni - Workout buddy in home & gym

Workout buddy in home & gym, Tirumeni - workout buddy is the best weight loss apps for home & in the gym


Bvddy - Find Your Sports Buddy icon

Bvddy - Find Your Sports Buddy

Find Your Sports Buddy, Connecting people through sports.


Gym Buddy icon

Gym Buddy

Simple, ad-free gym workout log with multiple user support and tons of features


Paleo Buddy icon

Paleo Buddy

Paleo Buddy: Your best friend for the Paleo Diet!


Fitness Buddy - Gym Workout icon

Fitness Buddy - Gym Workout

Gym Workout, Weight Lifting Tracker, Personal trainer for exercise, bodybuilding, summer body, abs & muscle building.


Fun Fit icon

Fun Fit

Fun Fit is your fitness buddy that counts steps, calories burned and distance.


Fitness Buddy - 1700 Exercises icon

Fitness Buddy - 1700 Exercises

1700 Exercises, World's most comprehensive and intelligent personal trainer.