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StratFit Strength Coach

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StratFit Strength Coach App Description:
StratFit features Strength Training Programs for all Fitness Purposes; all crafted by Elite Barbell Coaches.

*Combat Sports:
- Mixed Martial Arts
- Boxing
- Kickboxing
- Jui Jitsu, Freestyle, and all types of Grappling sports

*Bat and Ball Sports:
- Football
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Soccer
- Cricket
- Ice Hockey and more

*Endurance Sports:
- Marathon
- Cycling
- Ironman
- Strength Sports
- Weightlifting
- Powerlifting
- CrossFit

- Maximum Strength
- Power
- Explosive Strength
- Reactive Strength
- Muscular Hypertrophy
- Muscular Endurance (i.e, Lactate Tolerance)

- Look better than ever
- Feel better than ever
- Burn calories in the most efficient manner possible
- Increase Bone Density
- Improve Sleep Cycle
- Optimize Hormonal State
- Maximize Neural Integration


StratFit has reached out to only the best coaches to bring training science which was once reserved for world-class athletes to your fingertips. Programs to bring you to strength and performance abilities you never thought possible are now available right on your device.

In the StratFit Depot (in-app store), you choose a program crafted by an elite strength coach specifically designed to achieve your goal(s). Once you are on the program, StratFit keeps the program "live" according to your performance.

The revolutionary StratFit autoregulating technology works in this way:

- StratFit communicates with you via a messenger-like interface.
- StratFit first prescribes the weight and reps of a set of the current exercise.
- You perform the set, then describe back to StratFit your performance i.e, reps achieved.
- With your immediate performance data, StratFit autoregulates the program based on progression and regression protocols designed by the program designer. In this way, your program is always optimized to the very instant.

StratFit allows you to instantly share all your achievements to all your social media accounts, inspiring your friends and followers and letting sports coaches get a real-time look into your strength, power, muscle, and endurance achievements.

The world is waiting, show them what you're made of.

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StratFit Strength Coach
Require Android 4.4 and up
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